About the Company

Boulay Fabrication is a worldwide leader in quality control panels. Since 1979, Boulay Fab has made standard and custom controls to an almost endless amount of specifications requested by customers. Although the control panels are made in the town of Lafayette at the Boulay Fab headquarters, the panels can be found world-wide.

Here at Boulay Fab, we work tirelessly to ensure the highest quality in production and testing before every panel leaves our facility. We maintain the most up to date inspections and adhere to the strictest guidelines on our controls. Nothing is too safe for our customers and we would rather make sure our products deliver on all fronts than let a less than satisfactory product make it to your pumps.

Current owner, Tim Foody, has run the business since 1991 growing Boulay Fab into a massive panel market competitor. He was born and raised right around the corner in Tully, NY, and spends the free time away from the office hunting, fishing, and spending quality time with his lovely wife and two children.